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Tobacco Prevention With Rock Band And Their Pets

#ShowYourClaws is Rescue SCG’s newest campaign for Blacklist, a tobacco prevention Social Branding program in the alternative rock community.

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Rescue Agency Launches New Tobacco Prevention Campaign For Rural Teens

Rural teens have some of the highest tobacco use rates for both cigarettes and smokeless products. Past tobacco prevention efforts have appealed mostly to urban and suburban teens because rural teens are different. Their culture, values, and lifestyle are truly distinct and reaching these teens requires an authentic voice and message.

Meet Down and Dirty, Rescue Agency’s newest teen tobacco prevention campaign:

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How Global Tobacco Production and Use Affect Our Environment

This month we celebrate our planet and protect it for future generations.

Ydouthink’s new campaign in Virginia focuses on the effects worldwide tobacco production has on the environment. In the new ads, activists bring to life facts about deforestation and litter caused by tobacco use.

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Preventing LGBTQ Tobacco Use Through Bars and NIghtclubs

Preventing LGBTQ Tobacco Use Through Bars and Nightclubs

The evening between the 8th National LGBTQ Health Equity Summit and the 2012 National Conference on Tobacco or Health, Rescue Agency hosted an LGBTQ bar night to demonstrate its Social Branding strategy for LGBTQ tobacco use prevention.

Check out this brand new video documenting the night and how veteran tobacco control professionals reacted to the strategy.

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New Ads Expose Past Tobacco Industry Animal Testing to Teens

With over 50,000 views in just a few weeks, these new ads that expose past tobacco industry animal testing for the Ydouthink campaign in Virginia are causing controversy online.

Teens have posted thousand of comments discussing this topic on Ydouthink’s Facebook page. In fact, at the height of this new campaign, there were over 2,500 people “talking about this” on Facebook (Oct. 28 – Nov. 3).

Rescue @ NCHCMM 2017 Atlanta,GA

   Rescue is a proud sponsor of the National Conference on Health Communication, Marketing, and Media. We hope to see you at our following sessions or please stop by booth #112 to say hello.

Four Evidence-Based Principles for Creating Measurable Social Value

As public health advocates we know that just telling people to do something doesn’t have much of an impact. Fortunately, social marketing principles have shown that creating social and personal value can spark and drive behavior change. At the 2016 Agents of Change Summit, Jeff French said “The question you should ask yourself everyday: How […]

5 Tips for Using Social Media to Change Behavior

1. Segment your audience and go where they are. Don’t assume that everyone uses every platform. For example, Twitter is more popular among politically engaged adults, while Instagram is more popular for art and food lovers. Segment your audience using psychographics and then select the social media channels where your target audience is already having […]

Rescue is proud to sponsor the Agents of Change Summit

Agents of Change Summit We are excited to announce that the Agents of Change Summit website has launched and registration is now open. Join us in sunny San Diego on February 8 & 9, 2016 to explore the most effective strategies and technologies to change health behaviors. Networking Villages During the Summit, participants will be organized into […]

NAA Convention 2015

If you’re attending the National AfterSchool Association Convention in Washington DC next week, you’re invited… Join us this Monday and Tuesday for two workshops to learn how you can recruit and retain older youth through research-based best practices. #HowTo: Attract High-Risk Teens to After School Programs Monday, March 9, 2015     9:30AM – Chesapeake 4 […]

Rescue @ NCHCMM 2017 Atlanta,GA Posted: August 8th, 2017