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Tobacco Prevention With Rock Band And Their Pets

#ShowYourClaws is Rescue SCG’s newest campaign for Blacklist, a tobacco prevention Social Branding program in the alternative rock community.

Alternative, Social Branding, Tobacco

[WATCH] Winds of Plague Endorse Syke and a Smokefree Music Scene

When engineering a Social Brand, the highest compliment the brand can receive is the endorsement from leaders within the target subculture.

SYKE, a smokefree brand for alternative teens in Virginia, earned the respect Winds of Plague, one of the most popular metal bands playing today. After learning about how SYKE endorses a smokefree scene at all alternative, heavy metal, and hardcore concerts, the band members were enthused to sit down in Rescue Agency’s Social Change Studio and record a commercial for the brand.

Alternative, Social Branding, Tobacco

[WATCH] Video Explains Targeting Alternative Teens to Lower Smoking Rates

Rescue Agency’s Social Change Studio has been running high and loud lately, with multiple videos in production and a host of commercials on the airwaves across the country.

In the midst of shouldering the workload, the Social Change Studio took some time to create a video not meant for television or radio, but rather for use in explaining how Rescue Agency focuses on alternative teen culture to lower smoking rates. The video acts as a case study for SYKE, a brand Rescue Agency created for alternative teens in Virginia.

Rescue @ APHA 2017

Will you be at the APHA 2017 Annual Meeting & Expo?

Check out these sessions about Rescue’s campaigns and strategies and we invite you to come say hi at booth # 701.

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