Case Study

A campaign to reduce high-risk binge drinking among young adults in Vermont.

The Challenge

Binge drinking is a pervasive and widely accepted behavior in many young adult social circles.

These young adult drinkers are not deterred by long-term health consequences. Furthermore, binge drinking is woven into the fabric of their social lives so abstaining can be unrealistic and perceived as extreme.

Behavior Change Approach
Research shows that our audience would prefer not to over drink, but does not know how to do so without avoiding alcohol completely. Check Yourself helps young adults avoid high-risk drinking behaviors by providing relatable, memorable, and realistic tips for reducing their alcohol consumption, without asking them to fundamentally change their social habits.
Audience Insights
Audience research reveals that this audience is not motivated by long-term or health-based consequences, such as cirrhosis or heart disease. Our audience expressed the following concerns:

1) Fear of social miscues, physical failures, getting into trouble or other general embarrassment.

2) Concern over missing out on social occasions if they abstained from alcohol entirely.
Implementation Strategy

    Since the audience does not proactively seek out alcohol education, our media specialists strategically deliver messages to the target audience through social and digital media channels they already frequent. Rescue’s creative is edgy and relevant, making the health information more appealing and approachable.
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    To change this audience’s behaviors, we need to teach them new information and provide new, realistic tips on how to modify their habits. Rescue develops interactive web-based experiences that allow for audience exploration of content, increasing retention.
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    YouTube is a commonly visited platform for this audience, making video content an ideal message delivery mechanism. We tailor video content to reflect the lifestyle and everyday experiences of our audience, weaving health information and drinking modification tips into relatable scenarios.
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Early Results

Check Yourself is primarily evaluated through social media metrics that speak to the larger behavior change strategy. Out of a potential audience of 72,000, we saw 44,000 engagements and over 539,000 video views in 18 months.