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Since 2012, federal agencies have worked with Rescue to create evidence-based health communications campaigns that make healthy behaviors easier and more appealing for everyone.

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With empathy and scientific rigor, we carefully research the connections between personal values, self-identity, and real-world barriers to develop motivating and relevant health messages that spark community action. We provide clients with an equity-forward, unrivaled understanding of public health.

Our Federal Clients
FDA CDC US Department of Veterans Affairs


We leverage our extensive government experience and work hand-in-hand with federal clients to effectively address sensitive health topics, mitigate intense public scrutiny, and move through lengthy and complicated approvals, all while maintaining the highest scientific standards.


Together with federal agencies, we've made a positive impact by:

Reaching millions of teens and young adults with relevant health information, including LGBTQ+ and racial/ethnic minority populations.1, 2, 3

Achieving high brand and video awareness in campaign treatment markets, signaling effective digital media planning and buying. 1, 2

Changing campaign-targeted tobacco-related knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs attributed to campaign exposure in rigorous longitudinal evaluations.


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