Ready-Made Campaign

A Ready-Made Media Campaign
to Prevent Teen Vaping

The vaping epidemic is threatening to undo two decades of success in tobacco control with studies showing 20% to 30% of high school students currently vaping. While the full extent of health risks are still unknown, we are already seeing rare lung illnesses and deaths rise among young vapers. Without swift, evidence-based intervention, millions of teens will become addicted to nicotine, many of which may escalate to traditional cigarettes as they get older.

Behind the Haze is a Ready-Made Media Campaign for health organizations in need of an evidence-based youth vaping prevention campaign that can be implemented quickly. Behind the Haze offers a growing library of Message Packages, each containing all the creative elements necessary to deliver a specific vaping prevention message tailored to your community.

Available Message Packages

Health organizations can work with Rescue to license the Behind the Haze campaign and begin running the Messages Packages they choose on local digital, social, and traditional media channels in less than a month. Organizations can also work with Rescue to re-tag any Behind the Haze Message Package with their own campaign brand name.

Each evidence-based Message Package contains one TV/Web commercial, 20+ digital/social media ads/posts, website content, and more. Click below to preview available Message Packages.

Full Range of
Campaign Support

In addition to providing Message Packages, Rescue can help clients implement the campaign through media planning, placement, social media, and research services. The Rescue team is here to support each health organization at the level that is most useful.


Utilizing organization’s own internal resources for implementation


Leveraging some support services from Rescue, like social media management

Full Partner

Leveraging Rescue for full campaign management, media planning, implementation, reporting and analysis

A note on social media: The world of vaping is fraught with misconceptions, therefore it’s imperative that campaign staff are equipped to respond to questions and comments from teens on social media. Health organizations can work with Rescue to manage social media the right way, including a research-vetted proprietary social media response bank, a dedicated community manager, and a paid social media team that knows how to reach the right teens.


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