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A Ready-Made, Instagram-Based Cessation Program to Help Young People Quit Vaping

According to a study utilizing PATH data, 45% of teens who vape want to quit.1 Hesitant to enroll in a traditional cessation program, many young people end up trying and failing to quit on their own, unaware of coping tools that could make quitting easier. Our new vaping cessation program Quit the Hit is designed specifically as a vape-first, young-people-first, social-first cessation intervention.

Quit the Hit is a cessation support group that educates young people about how to quit vaping through group chats on Instagram. Created in partnership with Hopelab and UCSF’s Center for Tobacco Control Research and Education, Quit the Hit provides 5 weeks of online quit support in groups of 10-15 participants with active moderation by a cessation coach. NPR podcast "Life Kit" featured Quit the Hit as an effective way to help young people quit vaping. Tune in now to learn more.

1 Smith, et al. “Intention to Quit Vaping Among United States Adolescents.” JAMA Pediatrics, 2020

5-Weeks of Cessation Content

Quit the Hit includes the content for full behavioral intervention and all the creative elements necessary to recruit and enroll participants in the program. Rescue’s expert teams run paid media recruitment, program enrollment, data collection and analysis, and active facilitation of each group throughout the 5 weeks.

The Instagram group messages include daily educational content, behavioral and cognitive coping strategies, quit tools, group challenges, video content from the coach and guests, and access to peers for support. Pre- and post-surveys measure success on a variety of outcomes including past 30-day vaping, intent to vape, intent to quit, and confidence in quitting. At the end of the group, participants who may still be struggling with quitting can be referred to the state’s Quitline and other available resources for ongoing support.


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