Ready-Made Campaign

A Ready-Made Media Campaign to Increase Support-Seeking for Those With Mental Health Challenges

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 1 in 5 U.S. adults, or 57.8 million people, live with a mental illness.1 Suicide is now one of the leading causes of death in the U.S., with 48,183 people dying by suicide in 2021, which is about 1 death every 11 minutes.2 Given the widespread impacts of mental health challenges and rising suicide rates, it’s more important than ever to implement communication campaigns that motivate those with mental health challenges to seek support.

Rescue’s licensable, ready-made media campaign called I AM MORE is designed to do just that. I AM MORE helps audiences overcome the many obstacles preventing them from seeking support for mental health challenges. It shows them that change is possible and provides a roadmap for strengthening their mental health.

As a ready-made media campaign, I AM MORE is evidence-based and provides all of the creative and messaging needed to quickly launch a robust behavior change campaign at less than half the cost of creating a brand-new campaign from scratch.
1 National Institute of Mental Health
2 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Licensing I am more

I AM MORE provides all of the campaign creative and assets needed to launch a full media campaign. Federal, state, and local health organizations can work with Rescue to license I AM MORE and begin running evidence-based creative on local, digital, social, and out-of-home media channels in less than a month.

Organizations can also work with Rescue to retag the I AM MORE creative with their own campaign brand name. Rescue is continuously adding new creative assets and messaging to the library as more research and message testing is conducted. We can also work with your organization to create additional creative assets to best meet the needs of your community.

When you license I AM MORE, you receive:

:15 and :30
TV/web commercials

website content

20+ digital/
social media posts

Out-of-home ads
for billboards and
transit shelters

Cost savings:
½ the cost of
developing from scratch

Implementation time:
1 month

Full Range of
Campaign Support

In addition to providing creative assets and messaging, Rescue can help clients implement the I AM MORE campaign through media planning, placement, social media, and research services. Our dedicated team is here to support your organization at the level that is most useful.


Utilizing organization’s own internal resources for implementation


Leveraging some support services from Rescue, like social media management

Full Partner

Leveraging Rescue for full campaign management, media planning, implementation, reporting and analysis

Note on social media: Mental health communications often spark misconceptions. It’s crucial that campaign staff are equipped to respond to questions and comments on social media. Organizations can partner with Rescue to effectively manage social media, including a research-vetted proprietary social media response bank, a dedicated community manager, and a paid social media team that knows how to communicate with the audience.


To learn more about licensing I AM MORE, please contact:

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